Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SpringOne 2GX 2010 and Scala

SpringOne 2GX 2010 Wrap-Up

My last entry was the last of my notes from SpringOne 2010 in Chicago.
Here's a list of all my entries from the conference below in case you missed any:
If you're interested in watching the full content of some of the talks, I notice that they have just started publishing SpringOne videos on InfoQ, including Rod Johnson's keynote. I imagine this set will grow over the coming weeks.

Is This a Scala Blog or a Spring Blog?

I copped a little bit of flak recently due to all these Spring posts appearing on Planet Scala, an aggregation site for Scala blogs. The complainer's main issue was that I was spamming Planet Scala with "posts unrelated to Scala" and I think the core point of my response is worth repeating here.

One of the main reasons for Scala's popularity is its tight integration with Java. This integration allows Scala programs "access to thousands of existing high-quality libraries". It says so on the Scala website. Of all these "thousands of libraries", the Spring Framework is without a doubt the most popular enterprise framework for the JVM.

It's obviously not the case that everyone with any interest in Scala will also be interested in Spring. In fact I think there is probably a higher percentage of programmers in the Scala community who are utterly un-interested in enterprise web applications than there would be in the Java community. However, I believe that anyone applying Scala in an enterprise context, or even thinking about applying it there, is either pretty interested in Spring or, if they're not, probably should be, at least to the extent where they know what it does and where it's headed. Ergo, Spring posts on my Scala blog. I hope some of you have enjoyed the information, and I apologise to those that it may have annoyed.


  1. Graham - I've definitely enjoyed your posts on SpringOne and I think they are totally apropos to your Scala blog.

  2. Thanks, Eric!
    Good to know that I haven't annoyed everyone. ;)

  3. Oh well, with that reasoning you can cover everything that's happening in java and claim it's scala relevant. Oh and clojure and groovy and whatnot because it's all running on the JVM.

    I don't find this reasoning convincing at all.

    But that's my opinion - yours is the contrary and you do the writing, so more power to you obviously.

    I'd find it nicer to not have all that extra *content* appear on planetscala in the future though.

  4. Thanks for you comment, Martin. Indeed, you could cover anything on the JVM and claim it was relevant! And, in a roundabout way, it always is but, you're right, not necessarily the content one would hope for on a Scala blog. But this blog is mostly about Scala, and the Spring stuff was a bit of a tangent (which I kind of noted at the top of each post), but I related it to Scala wherever I could.

    For what it's worth, I've asked James Iry to change my aggregation into Planet Scala so that it only picks up posts tagged with 'scala'. Unfortunately, that won't prevent all the other fluff that other people are posting, but I can only do my bit.


  5. Uh wow. That is a very kind response. Maybe you can sort it out with James in a way that blog *titles* and links to these posts continue to show on planetscala. What I personally found so distracting was to see the whole content of the spring posts.

    Thanks for your kindness in "doing your bit" - very much appreciated.