Sunday, October 24, 2010

SpringOne 2010: What's New in Spring Framework 3.1

I spent the second-last week of October at SpringOne 2GX 2010 in Chicago and I thought some of you might get something useful out of my notes. These aren’t my complete reinterpretations of every slide, but just things I jotted down that I thought were interesting enough to remember or look into further.

What’s New in Spring Framework 3.1
presented by Juergen Hoeller

Juergen started off with a review of the new features that were added in 3.0
(I’ve only noted down things that I’m not already using but thought are probably worth trying out)
Next was what’s coming in 3.1...
  • Servlet 3.0 (I didn't know much about this, but there was a good overview at JavaOne [PDF])
  • 'Environment Profiles' will allow for placeholder resolution based on a specified environment name (or names). This allows different configuration in, for example, dev and production, without having two different deployment artifacts. I think he also mentioned an Environment abstraction, which I assume would be for accessing the same configuration programatically.
  • They are putting some effort towards bringing convenience of specialised namespace XML elements, e.g. the task: namespace, to the annotation-based Java config
  • An abstraction for Cache implementations (including implementations for EHCache and GemFire to begin with), along with a @Cacheable annotation for aspect-oriented caching.
Lastly, he covered the main points that are currently on the cards for 3.2 ...

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