Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SodaTest 0.2.1 Released

I've just released the second milestone of SodaTest, the spreadsheet-driven integration testing framework.
A significant change with this release is that SodaTest is now available from the Maven Central repository. You should be able to access the latest versions of all SodaTest artefacts from Maven Central right now as org.sodatest : sodatest-* : 0.2.1
As well as a couple of small bug fixes, this release incorporates a number a improvements based on feedback from use of SodaTest in corporate environments. The key enhancments were:
  • Coercions can now be created in Java without any knowledge of Scala
  • Built-in support was added for coercing strings into Java enums
  • An implicit function is available for converting into a Coercion any function with the type: (String) => _
  • A CurrencyAmountCoercion and CurrencyAmountCoercionForJava are now available for coercing a variety of financial value formats into your own custom Currency or Money class
  • Reports no longer report a mismatch due to trailing empty cells in the actual output
  • A bunch of usability fixes such as handling unusual situations, reporting better error messages, correct usage messages, more scaladoc and READMEs.
So, if you've been holding out from using SodaTest wondering if anyone is using it for real, whether it's going to be improved over time, and whether you should even bother trying it out, the answers are yes, yes and yes!
(And in case you're wondering why this release is 0.2.1 and not 0.2, it's because 0.2 got lost in the first, failed attempt to release from Sonatype to Maven Central.)

SodaTest (Spreadsheet-Driven Testing) is an open-source framework for creating Executable Requirements for Integration, Functional and Acceptance testing.
SodaTest allows the creation of executable test cases as spreadsheets in a format that is easily readable by non-programmers, with the goal of being easily understood, edited or even authored by the non-technical Customers of the software under test.
SodaTest is written in Scala and allows test fixtures to be written in Scala or Java.

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