Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Java Programs Envy Scala

I presented a talk at the 2nd meeting of the new ScalaSyd Meetup last night. I talked through the "Top 10 Reasons Java Programs Envy Scala" in an attempt to give Java developers a taste of some little things that could make them much more productive if they switch to Scala.

If you'd like to watch the Prezi, or listen to the talk (or both!), here are the links:

Presentation: Top 10 Reasons Java Programs Envy Scala (Graham Lea)

Audio Simulcast: Top 10 Reasons Java Programs Envy Scala (Graham Lea)

At the end of the talk, I mention that people who are tempted to learn Scala might want to look at my blog post, Graham's guide to learning Scala.

If you'd like to have a look at the code examples used in the talk you can view them on or clone them from GitHub.


  1. Thank you for last night presentation. As a Scala newbie I really appreciated!

    Your presentation goes straight to the point with clear examples.

  2. You're welcome, Filippo. I'm really glad you found it useful. Don't forget to check out the Guide to Learning Scala if you need some direction in building up your Scala knowledge.

  3. Nice visuals. May I ask which software you used to make the presentation?

  4. Hi ifp5,
    The software is called Prezi. You can use it Online for free at

  5. Great presentation, Graham! Both the content and the design sense are spot on. I had been writing those envious Java programs, but I've made the leap to Akka and have been really enjoying it. I'm now trying to encourage others to do the same and will be using your presentation to further my case. Keep up the good work.

  6. Graham, this is great. Would you have any objection to me using this presentation at a local developer meetup? Full credit to you of course.

  7. Hi John. No problem with you presenting my Prezi and giving me the credit. If you haven't already, you might want to listen to my talk on soundcloud so you can hear some of my explanations of Scala syntax to newcomers. Cheers, Graham.

  8. Hi Grahem,
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful presentation on Scala. Many time I tried to find out why I should learn Scala if I can do everything from Java. Why Scala is better than Java. I got all these answer from your presentation. Please keep update us on Scala.

    Thanks again and Regards,

    Binod Suman
    Bangalore, India